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Hello ! I am Maria Debes and I want to thank you for visiting our Company website.

In 1998, we began our professional career in the Insurance Industry. At that time, several reasons motivated us to do so, among these: economic reasons, desire to be independent, flexibility to move everywhere, and meet and interact with diverse people and cultures.

After having worked all these years in this important Industry, and having worked with the most important Companies in the field, we have decided to start a new project: Seguros Maria Debes.

Our passion for helping people, especially the Latino Community, was the main motivation, since we believe that our community needs to be oriented and educated about accidents and emergencies, and everything that these situations bring with them. Above all, because of the importance of having peace and tranquility of mind in times of need.

That’s why we are here! Because the experience we have accumulated is one of the best tools we have to help you, in addition to the support of currently representing more than 10 of the most innovative and reliable Companies in the Industry.

Honest, prepared every day to give the best, with quality and always willing to put myself in other people’s shoes. These are part of the words that define my personality. Come, I invite you to do business with our Company, and obtain the most convenient insurance coverage for your current and future needs, here we guarantee that you will find “Protection and Security for You and Your Family.”

Maria Debes
Founder, CEO

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Sales Agent

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